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Nov 02 2011

This week in Congress we had a couple ideas that went through. Our first motion was to take part in the Water Street Rescue Mission or do anything to help the community out before winter break. It was a mission that was accepted

Another motion that was accepted was to do Christmas caroling at the Conestoga Homes. Congress wanted to do it last year but never was able to get it done, but this year should be different. They wanted to do the caroling the first of Dec. Hope a lot of people volunteer.

Next motion to have been approved was to have a winter dance with both F & M and Millersville colleges. Let’s hope that we can also get this done. The date for that would be on a Friday Dec. 9th.

Something that was brought to our attention also this week was that the music group that is sponsored by Congress needs a singer for there soon to be band, If you have a lovely voice please notify Jerry Parks.

Congress has already started planning a Picnic on April 18th, but we just need one thing and that’s a theme so if you have any ideas please tell us. Along with that if you have any other ideas for activities please come to the congress meeting and present them. The Activities committee still needs help with more things to plan